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Alexander Nachman,
Senior Advocate at First Harvest Financial
"Many investors get caught up in the word 'cannabis' and do not realize the size and scope of this industry. There is proven demand in the marketplace and it is growing!"
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An Open Letter To President Obama
Dear Mr. President,
In light of recent events, you have an opportunity, dare I say an obligation, to fundamentally change America in a profound manner. You can enact an Executive Order that can solve some of this country’s biggest problems, and right some of our most egregious wrongs.

The acts described below are all interconnected and provide the foundation for a new beginning in American history. I fervently hope you will use your powers to transform our country in these meaningful and vitally important ways now!
The first step is to declare an end to the War on Drugs, most specifically an immediate decriminalization of all forms of cannabis and its non-psychoactive cousin, hemp. This act can take a bite out of racism in America and set the course for a more peaceful, non-violent nation.

Informed individuals understand that the “War on Marijuana” is largely a war on people of color, and has imprisoned millions of minorities for victimless crimes. Let’s review the facts... 
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About First Harvest Financial
First Harvest Financial manages a private equity fund investing in legal cannabis-related companies, primarily medical cannabis-based solutions. The company provides accredited investors a diversified portfolio approach to investing in ancillary businesses related to the cannabis sector.
First Harvest Financials’ mission and vision is to see a world where visionary entrepreneurs and advocates can thrive together by bringing innovative medical cannabis based therapies to the marketplace.

As seen during the prohibition repeal of alcohol in 1930, medical marijuana will become completely legal and a natural and effective therapy of choice for many suffering medically across the globe. Today we are seeing change in growth, support, discussion and research towards medical marijuana. More and more states are developing in the progress of laws towards medical marijuana to enhance and improve the lives of many suffering. First Harvest Financial seeks to be at the epicentre of capitalizing on such medical improvements.
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"Alexander is knowledgeable and professional as he keeps himself current with the cannabis industry. I feel secure as a result of working with Alex and highly recommend his services. He is a leading advocate in the legal cannabis movement."
Dr. Gregory L. Smith - Founder, Medical Cannabis For Health Care Providers
"Alexander brings his extensive experience in the financial & tech arenas, to the emerging legal cannabis marketplace, helping first generation cannabis businesses to unlock the power of digital technology & public markets."
David Rheins - Co-Founder/Executive Director, MJBA
"Alexander Nachman is someone you can really trust inside the cannabis industry. He's a smart businessman, knowledgeable about cannabis, and genuine with his intent. Plus he's always involved in some really interesting projects!"
Max Simon -CEO & Founder, Green Flower Media
Alexander Nachman
Senior Advocate at First Harvest Financial
Originally a New Jersey Native Mr. Nachman is a 15 year Wall Street Veteran Working originally as a Financial adviser and later in international corporate communication and investor relations.

Mr. Nachman believes firmly that all forms or Cannabis should be legalized for the greater good of the country, citing reasons that start with the medical uses of the plant and extend through to the economy, the revitalization of american industry and job creation, as well as for civil and human rights reasons. Mr. Nachman enthusiastically enjoys advocating and educating others in an effort to showcase the need for a more reasonable approach to cannabis by our leaders nationwide.

First Harvest offers Mr. Nachman the opportunity to offer qualified participants access to the ancillary services aspect of the industry for purpose of investment, but moreover the capacity to act in support of hundreds of thousands of medical patients that would benefit from a plant based protocol. 
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